Thoth The First Born Atlantean 

I am Thoth the first born Atlantean self-created self-empowered, god of Atlantis returned to remind you
who you truly are.
Written under the guidance of Prime Creator directly.
Peace Be with You…

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Prime Creator The Divine Mother

I am Thoth the spirit of the human body known as Jayce/Jay Charles. I was not born like most are on this planet; I took ownership of this body January 1982 when the young boy died from the fire; it involved him in. I write most of this story in Prime Creator Divine Mother book. The best way to describe how I got here is a Walk-In which means as the old spirit was departing, I walked in as the new owner.

We have spoken much of what we spoke here many times. I will sugarcoat nothing I will say it just as my brother spoke it 2000 years ago upfront and on point as even, I spoke the same many thousands of years before my brother came in.

You are not reading speculation or hearsay you’re reading our knowing our truth, not as a human body as Thoth the one who did not lose memory at birth like others. Birth is not our experience on earth.

Who is God?
YOU and everyone you know and see in life, every object, plant, animal everything in the entire existence of known comprehension. That’s the one you call God.

Is God Male?

No god is an energy force not a singular object, as everything is God. Yet the main energy of God’s essence is feminine, meaning, caring, loving, nurturing, compassionate, peaceful, harmonious as so on… Many in your reality have and still know this truth.
That is why over the centuries, we have seen the burning of witches the belittling of the female sexes, and the woman’s role has put down as not the dominant force of creation instead man placed in this position hence the reason of a male god in religions.

Those that knew also knew about the power of female menstrual blood, men throughout the centuries have tried to mimic this god force energy of the women by killing for blood, taught the taking of blood made them godlike. This is all false.

They have tricked the masculine to believe anger, aggression and hate was power; Instead, this shows weakness and loss of power on their part. So, when a man kills, harm another he is harming the god harms himself.

Most people encounter challenges in life, yet less and less do not see the reason for challenges which is a direct link to one’s words and thoughts occurring daily in secret inside the mind. When a harmful deed of any kind done upon another, it returns, you know it as “What goes around comes around” many do not see the link between their own deeds and the deeds done onto them which are the same, different circumstance same direct meaning of why it happened.

When a man comes from a place of peace and compassion like the feminine, then man has gained his true divine power.

Do we die?

NO this is an illusion of the mind.

So why do we experience the loss of family?
Belief is a powerful thing, and since the day you were born, they taught you about death. Taught to go to school, find a mate gets married, settle down and prepare for old age meaning death. This belief is ground into your very being and core understanding. You can’t experience what’s possible. Your belief is killing you off slowly.

So, what happens to those we experience as died?
They are doing great living out a new life experience different time or the same time as you, here or in another parallel earth or even a new dimension the possibilities are endless and so is life and your existence has no ending nor did it ever have a beginning. Similar to star trek, hollow deck is your life. If I told you you were on a hollow deck, you probably would want to leave and miss out what you came to learn. Ending up repeating the same cycle getting nowhere fast.

Is anyone ever punished for any deeds they may or may not do in life? And is the devil real?

NO and NO. The energy of God is feminine, recap above on those qualities. God is love why would a loving God punish itself? For what reason would it serve? A loving god is a loving god.

The devil is a made-up story taught for centuries to control people via the means of fear. The devil or evil is inside every human being a negative thought, idea or action is the devil, a good deed is the god the battle of good and evil is not occurring outside you instead it is going on inside every human being on the planet in every choice they make.

The devil is just a metaphor for a negative mindset you're out of alignment that’s OK now you know just choose again and be positive. You can’t stop this process its natural and designed this way; your only work is to balance this with plenty of good.

No religion has a place to comment on this wisdom these words come directly from Prime Creator to me to you. All religions can continue if they wish spreading false information on Prime Creator the people who follow create their own realities. That’s OK with Us.

  1. Treat all how you would wish to be treated.
  2. Love your neighbour as yourself because they really are you, regardless of gender, colour, or culture. It’s you as a god in a different expression experiencing life uniquely.
  3. Be kind as much as possible, if an error occurs in a wrong deed don’t beat yourself up about it make right what you can, even if it means making peace with only yourself and prime creator within you.
  4. Love all you meet even in silence and you shall be loved in return.
  5. The ego is there to help you grow, use it wisely. Ego is not something that’s bad or wrong; It requires balance.
  6. If you want to live until your 500 years old, I suggest you begin at once to rid wrong beliefs. And start speaking feeling and resonating from that place.
  7. If you find yourself involved in a disagreement, bless them until you feel at peace in doing so you bless yourself at the same time.
  8. Use Magic. Magic is real. You speak everything into your experience. words are magic I should know where do you think language came from? All life is magic.
  9. When another does a deed in error against you, find peace within you and love them, this will free you, if you respond with a counter deed this shall not free you. Another way to say is “You can’t fight fire with fire”.

Final words:

You understand that everyone in life is right and correct based only on their perception it does not make it true for others. Perception occurs through experience and as each experience in life is unique to each spirit here, the truth will appear different yet it’s still true. Find a place to accept this in all you meet; fighting against another truth serves no purpose this causes challenges in your own life experience. If you so wish to experience this, then go right ahead. You can never be wrong in any choice you ever make.

UFO’s, aliens, the unexplained. The mysteries of the sky and does life live outside of our known reality. Yes, and NO. Yes, they exist out there always have. NO because they also exist right here on earth and have done for a very long time. Movies have led you to believe they look weird or even scary looking. This enforces fear.

Many look just like you. You wouldn’t even realize if you were standing next to one on a bus or sat next to in a café. In the last 50 years, an onslaught of beings has poured into earth even more so now. Coming into earth means coming in through the birth process. We do not allow beings to mess with your free will, to help you by landing with ships would mess with your free will, you would make them your gods forgetting you are already that. Or you would open attack on the unknown out of fear from everything you’re told to believe about your reality. None of that would be good or benefit to anyone.

So, coming in through the birth process was the only way to bypass freewill. Then you have Walk-ins like myself who agree to take over the body. Then you have those who have never left earth and have hidden away for longer than you could probably count in a year, living at the core of the earth. Not to mention others unknown at present.

Why many arrived, you already know yourself the reason your planet is in trouble out of control, you're losing your way, the mother has sent in her very best to help you, disguised as you so to not alarm you, this evolutionary process has been going on a long time. Most are living in groups within the spiritual communities not religious; Both these words can’t confuse as the same thing they are not. Spirit says the power is you. Religion states that the power is outside of you in some unknown entity in the sky the giving away of your power.

We can find these beings who have arrived to help the planet in every industry on the planet this would be an inside job the very places that are causing harm are being changed as we speak slowly yet precisely.

You can understand what we write here or even refuse to understand; It makes no difference nor changes the truth. We do not require approval. Jesus once spoke the truth in terms he’s era could understand I speak to you from this era from a position you too can understand.

Jesus once told you you were God when he said I and my father are one. The kingdom of heaven is within. Follow me I am the way. Meaning do as I do, act as I do. Be as I am and you shall find the truth that you too are god and so is everyone and everything you know, see and touch.

I am Thoth the firstborn Atlantean self-created self-empowered, the god of Atlantis returned to remind you of who you truly are. Written under the guidance of Prime Creator directly. Peace Be with You…
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Prime Creator Divine Mother Who is God? The Truth Spoken By Thoth the Spirit Himself